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eMarketer Event: Toronto Breakfast


Friday February 15, 2013 – Toronto  

eMarketer’s Noah Elkin will be delivering a presentation titled “Key Trends for 2013.”

About eMarketer’s Toronto Breakfast

Join us Friday, February 15, 2013 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Toronto for a breakfast presentation by eMarketer’s Noah Elkin. To help you make sense of today’s most complex and rapidly evolving issues, Noah will discuss some of the most important digital marketing, media and commerce trends for 2013.

Marketers used to speak in terms of three screens: TV, PC and mobile. Today, with the inclusion of tablets, you have at least four to consider, each presenting its own use case. But one thing is certain: As smart devices bridge the gap between offline and digital experiences, yesterday’s desktop-centered marketing approach seems increasingly outmoded. Noah will address what this means for your marketing efforts in 2013 and beyond.

Today’s multiscreen, multitasking environment also brings changes to your customers’’ path to purchase. What was formerly a linear marketing funnel now comprises a range of activities occurring along parallel and intersecting paths. Mr. Elkin will explore the implications this shift raises, including the importance of serving up relevant content to match new touchpoints and the value you can derive from mining the disparate data generated by the growing number of micro-transactions that occur along this revamped path to purchase. Put simply, “Big Data” holds one of the keys to big dollars.

Key Questions:

  • In an age of increasing media fragmentation, which screens can marketers use to most effectively connect with their audiences?
  • How is the mobile-first imperative reshaping the marketing funnel?
  • What factors are pushing marketers to become content creators?
  • How can “Big Data” help marketers respond to cross-platform fragmentation?


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Posted on January 7, 2013.