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eMarketer in Review –2015 Product Updates

The worlds of digital marketing, media and commerce are constantly changing, but eMarketer’s core focus remains the same. Our mission is to be the first place to look for data and insights about marketing in a digital world. Here’s an overview of the additions and improvements we’ve made in 2015.

Product Evolution 2015

Numbers Hub: We’ve launched Numbers Hub, a tool that empowers you with a fast and easy way to tell compelling stories with data. You can create custom eMarketer charts and tables instantly by mixing and matching thousands of our proprietary metrics, across 41 countries. It’s a powerful yet simple way to gather, assemble and visualize the precise data you’re looking for any time you need to illustrate a point or build your case. Expect to see ongoing development of the Numbers Hub through the remainder of 2015 and beyond.

Personalized homepage feeds: Your eMarketer account homepage now features new content feeds that allow you to easily browse and access eMarketer research:
• Access personalized recommendations for new reports, briefs, articles, charts and interviews based on your browsing history in Recommended
• Check out reports and articles you visited previously with Recently Viewed
• View the newest content with the Latest feed
• Browse top content in Popular

Share with anyone: eMarketer customers may now share content from our platform with anyone. That includes reports, articles, charts, interviews and more—quickly and easily through our sharing tools.
Information that’s easier to find and quicker to digest: This year, we are producing more analyst briefs—short, focused articles that offer key insights and data. Shorter than a typical report, our briefs allow customers to quickly locate the information they are looking for.

Enhanced coverage of China and the Asia-Pacific region: We’ve bolstered our Asia-Pacific team to boost our coverage of the rapidly changing market. We’re offering more third-party data gathered from a larger number of sources, and for China, we’re adding reports, focused briefs and a wealth of new eMarketer estimates on topics including media usage, social networks and ecommerce.

Media usage deep dives for markets around the world: For China, Canada and the EU-5, our forecasting team is offering much deeper insight into media usage, with breakouts of internet, smartphone and social network usage by age and gender in each market.

More data and more sources: Our research team has added more than 300 data providers to our source list, and now feature data from over 4,000 worldwide sources.

Even more detailed industry benchmarks: eMarketer already offered the most detailed information available for industry-specific digital ad spending estimates. This year, we’ve gone even deeper. Our industry ad spending reports—covering 10 industries, including automotive, financial services, retail, and pharmaceuticals and healthcare, among others—offer detailed insight into how each industry allocates its digital ad dollars, with breakouts by format, including mobile and video.

The most complete programmatic coverage: eMarketer reports and forecasts for ad spending via programmatic methods offer detailed, granular estimates across multiple platforms and channels.

Expanded client research services: We’ve beefed up our client services desk to help customers locate what they need faster. If you need a hand finding the right data and analysis, our researchers can provide you with charts, reports, articles and interviews to get you going. These researchers are standing by to answer questions about our data, provide suggested searches and help make sure you’re getting the most out of eMarketer.

More cost-effective access for your organization: Demand for companywide access to eMarketer has continued at an accelerated rate, and we have developed cost-effective options for companies of all sizes to open up access to any and all employees. Learn more about our enterprise option.

As digital continues to evolve, expect eMarketer to remain focused on the topics that matter most, as well as to provide the tools to allow you to put information to use—quickly and easily. We look forward to continuing to serve you with information you can rely on and welcome your feedback at all times.

Posted on November 5, 2015.