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eMarketer in Review – Key 2014 Trends, Coverage Areas and Platform Growth

It’s been a year of unprecedented growth at eMarketer. As we head into the fourth quarter, let’s review some of the widespread improvements and additions to our research coverage, platform and access that we’ve made on behalf of all eMarketer customers in 2014.

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There’s been overwhelming demand this year to provide a subscription option that allows for easier companywide access to eMarketer. Our reaction to this market demand has been to expand our enterprise pricing options.

Enterprise is now the best way to affordably open up eMarketer access to the entire company. It helps employees across many types of roles raise their digital IQ and proactively access key information on the shifting digital world. Learn more about our enterprise option.

You don’t have to take our word for it. See what our customers have to say:

“By offering enterprise access to eMarketer, I am able to give my users across the organization faster access to research, data and knowledge that meets each individual’s needs.” —Martha Rabin, Senior Director at Visa Knowledge Services

“eMarketer was the best source for finding and analyzing information specific to my corner of the world (Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East and Africa). No one else comes close to capturing the market insights that drove our decision-making process over the past two years.” —Jon Jagard, Associate Manager of Ecommerce at Mattel EuRoMEA

“I run a research department, and I don’t believe in research departments hogging all the research. At Hill Holliday, we don’t believe in any one department monopolizing critical business information. Our philosophy is to make information not only widely accessible, but inevitable. We’ve been an eMarketer subscriber for many years, and having agencywide access to eMarketer fits perfectly into our philosophy.” —Ilya Vedrashko, Senior Vice President of Consumer Research at Hill Holliday


Our promise is to help customers answer three essential questions: how consumers spend their time, how consumers spend their money, and what marketers are doing to reach them. This year, we’ve added more resources to a number of areas to provide intelligence that can help customers better answer these questions and make more confident decisions about the shifting digital world. Here is an overview of major additions and improvements we’ve made in 2014:


eMarketer significantly expanded the breadth and depth of our proprietary benchmark estimates and forecasts in 2014:


The eMarketer platform is designed to help customers access the information they need—and put that information to use—as quickly as possible. This year, we’ve made a number of improvements that have made eMarketer even faster and more convenient for organizations adapting to the growing importance of digital in the marketing mix:

  • Share content with colleagues from behind the paywall: We rolled out a change this year that helps all eMarketer seatholders easily share articles, charts and interviews from behind the eMarketer paywall with colleagues and networks—directly from our platform. It’s simple to get started. Just click “Share This” at the top of the page to let your colleagues quickly access valuable information from eMarketer.
  • Search filtering by geography: We’ve also made it easier to find relevant content with our new geography filter. By selecting a region or country filter in the search bar, users can now easily see targeted, relevant results focused on the geographic regions they’re interested in. For example: If you’re an eMarketer user in China and only want to see results on that country—now you can. Or, if you’re based in the UK and want to see results for all of EMEA—you can do that easily, too.
  • Improved search results relevancy: This year, eMarketer also updated our search algorithm to make it easier to find the right information—faster. When users search for a keyword and select “Best Match” on the right-hand side of the list of results, they’ll now get even more relevant, accurate results.

That’s just so far. eMarketer has a number of exciting updates and platform improvements planned for the fourth quarter—and 2015—all of which are designed to keep our customers as informed as possible about the shifting digital marketplace. As always, we will continue to expand our offering and add value to your subscriptions, we appreciate your business, and we are honored to serve the best minds in marketing and media today.

Posted on September 5, 2014.